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The National Federation of Tourist Guides and Affiliates South Africa (NFTGA) is a registered Non Profit Company or NPC. Our primary aim when we started was that of having a tourist guide association to advance the interests of tourist guides at national level.

We have since expanded our aim to include other sectors that were relatively unrepresented, and have made it our mission to represent our Registered Tourist Guide, Tourist Guide-Operator, and Tourism Industry Driver members within the greater tourism industry.

We decided to try something fresh, new, and revolutionary. An organisation for guides, but inclusive of various other entities that had a vested interest in guides. The idea of a federation of tourist guides and tourism industry affiliates was born.

One with a unified voice, striving to make the industry as a whole stronger and more resilient, while supporting the needs and expectations of tourist guides and drivers.

The mechanisms we adhere to in championing the causes of our members are always practised within the legal framework. As a result of this, we now have collaboration with and representation on our Steering Committee that includes Tour Operators, Guide Training Service Providers, Specialist and Regional Guide Associations, Industry Bodies such as SATSA, and even parastatals such as SANPARKS.

This ensures that we are integrated with industry, and responsive to government.

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NFTGA Freelancers in Tourism Awareness Campaign

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NFTGA Tourist Guide and Driver Aid Programme (Feeding Scheme)

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Why the NFTGA SOS Programme

We created the SOS Programme to resolve issues between guides, drivers, operators and the industry in an impartial and transparent manner, as well as mediating with the National Department of Tourism.

With the current COVID pandemic we identified a need to take this far beyond our initial idea, and to assist our members who have no income and in many cases cannot feed their families.

It is for this reason that we have now created the NFTGA SOS Tourist Guide and Driver Campaign.  This is an aid programme, set up together with some of our industry affiliates such as Tourvest Destination Management, and F Collin Logistics and Consulting (FC LogCon).

We have teamed up with Joint Aid Management South Africa (JAMSA), an established public benefit organisation with good infrastructure and experience, to ensure that the funding goes to where it is most needed through the distribution of food parcels.

Who will benefit

We will start with our NFTGA tourist guide and driver members, and see how far we can stretch the funds we manage to raise.   Our biggest challenge will be the  fundraising. 

We have calculated that we will need to raise at least R1.4 million (ZAR) per month (or approximately $70 000 (USD) to cover the cost of feeding a significant percentage of our tourist guides and drivers who are NFTGA members.

If we look at tourist guides and drivers in the industry who are not members, we will need in the region of ten times that amount.  Ultimately we would like to reach out to them, but initially we need to start out on something that is achievable.

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